L'Hôpital Montfort is the only francophone community teaching hospital in Ontario. It provides a well-rounded experience in an environment where family physicians are respected and have excellent working relationships with specialists. Minimal hierarchy and high quality preparation for your future hospital role.

About Us

A growing 273-bed hospital with 100 beds in family medicine, Montfort has a new family medicine unit and family health team as well as expanded out-patient care. The hospital also offers:

  • A community teaching programme in the heart of the national capital
  • A programme that caters to Eastern Ontario’s minority francophone community
  • A flexible programme (based on residents’ needs to the extent possible)
  • A real practice environment
  • Hospital and community practice
  • A decentralised family medicine unit
  • Varied and interesting diseases
  • A warm and caring francophone experience
Doctors visiting a patient

Teaching and Learning Opportunities

We offer strong training:

  • Based on the 4 principles of family medicine / CanMEDS / Triple C Curriculum
  • Personalized one-on-one supervision
  • Balanced, with varied practice, teaching and research
  • Based on a series of residency programmes including specialties

Patient Population

We specifically meet the needs of a minority Franco-Ontarian population by providing health care in the language of the patients and in a culture-sensitive fashion. Very diverse urban (Ottawa) and rural (Embrun, Hawkesbury, Plantagenet, Rockland and St-Isidore) patient population.

Rotation Outline

Note: 1 block = 4 weeks, 13 blocks per year
Family medicine (4 blocks of internships)Integrated internships: Family medicine/Emergency/Geriatrics (6 blocks of internships)
Rural MedicineRural Medicine
Pediatrics (2 blocks of internships)Perinatal
Internal medicine (2 blocks of internships)Palliative care
ObstetricsCommunity pediatrics
Mental HealthN/A

Sample Family Medicine Rotation

Note: Residents will have a maximum of 5 NA (non-assigned) shifts per 28-day block, including 2 weekends (Friday + Sunday, Saturday). The other 2 shifts will be on weekdays.
1AMOFFFM ClinicFM ClinicPost CallFM ClinicAcademic dayOn Call
PMOFFFM ClinicFM ClinicPost CallFM ClinicAcademic dayOn Call
2AMPost CallFM ClinicFM ClinicFM ClinicFM ClinicFM ClinicPost Call
2PMPost CallFM ClinicFM ClinicFM ClinicProcedure ClinicFM ClinicPost Call
3AMOn CallPost CallFM ClinicFM ClinicFM ClinicAcademic dayOFF
3PMOn CallPost CallFM ClinicUMF direct supervisionFM ClinicAcademic dayOFF
4AMOFFHospitalistHospitalistHospitalistHospitalistPost CallOFF
4PMOFFHalf day returnHospitalistHospitalistHospitalistPost CallOFF


Chief ResidentsUnit DirectorUnit Coordinator

Dr. Gabrielle Ouellette

Dr. Emily Wu

Dr. Marjorie Pomerleau

Renelle Trepanier
[email protected]

Sophie Frappier  
[email protected]