Our program and teaching sites ensure a comprehensive experience through all four years of the Family Medicine Program. These include:

• Pre-Clerkship opportunities in years 1 and 2;
• Clerkship rotations in year 3; and,
• Clerkship electives in year 4.

The uOttawa Department of Family Medicine is proud to provide undergraduate students and family physician instructors an exciting environment in which to study and teach. Our students consistently lead the country in choosing Family Medicine training.

Our innovative curriculum and enhanced PreClerkship offerings give students a complete view of family medicine and a chance to understand the diversity of what we do.

We invite you to get involved with the DFM committees and events. Join the Family Medicine Interest Group or the Family Medicine Advisory Committee. Your insights and participation will ensure that we provide the very best in family medicine education.


In the Pre-Clerkship (years one and two) students have a chance to spend a week in a rural community, as well as spending a series of half days (eight) in community physician offices perfecting their history and physical exam skills. For interested physicians, there are teaching opportunities in the above programs, as well as in various blocks taught in the Pre-Clerkship.

For a detailed description of the PreClerkship (years one and two) please visit the Undergraduate Medical Education website.


The Clerkship (years three and four) includes a mandatory six week Family Medicine rotation with a community physician. This can be done in Ottawa or in the rural communities around Ottawa, Eastern Regional Medical Education Program (ERMEP), Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP), Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) and Moose Factory. Fourth year offers elective opportunities with both community and teaching unit-based physicians. For a detailed description of the Clerkship, please visit the Undergraduate Medical Education website.