As our residency program evolves, we bring new tools, technology and a variety of digital formats to the table to address some of these ever-growing landscapes of medical education.

Through a large, multi-disciplinary team of software developers, UX/UI design specialists, graphic designers, software engineering students, medical students, and faculty members, we are working towards delivering new learning methods. We are developing more advanced online learning platforms that are modular with skill testing questions, to break-up the learning, test your understanding of the subject matter, and allow you to learn at your own pace and time of day. 

We are also exploring taking your education from this world to the virtual world. Immersive learning engages all your senses and provides some of the highest knowledge retention, while increasing collaboration and empathy. Acting as an additional tool to leverage in your teaching or learning environment, virtual reality has the capability to deliver health benefits to the end user as well. It can allow you to escape your actual world and relax in a fantasyland and give your mind a break. It can be used to help those suffering from anxiety and depression by allowing them to face their issues in a safe and controlled environment while receiving some help from the virtual counsellor in there with you. 

While we continue to develop and study these topics, we look forward to your input on their future development and implementation.