Our residency program is evolving. The PMO has introduced new tools, technologies and a variety of digital formats to our learners to get ahead of the ever-changing landscape of medical education.

Through a large, multi-disciplinary team of software developers, UX/UI design specialists, graphic designers, software engineering students, medical students, and faculty members, we are working towards delivering new learning methods. We are developing more advanced online learning platforms that are modular with skill testing questions, to break-up the learning, test your understanding of the subject matter, and allow you to learn at your own pace and time of day. 

We are also exploring taking your education from this world to the virtual world. Immersive learning engages all your senses and provides some of the highest knowledge retention, while increasing collaboration and empathy. 

While we continue to develop and study these topics, we look forward to your input on their future development and implementation.


MedCore Logo


Femoral is the Department of Family Medicine’s database designed to manage the academic and administrative records that connect our learners, faculty, preceptors, and staff members. This database has been developed by DFM software developers to meet our unique needs and will be undergoing a review process over the coming months to replace the existing capacities of the database with enhanced features to meet the needs of our department, now and in the future.  

As part of the redevelopment of Femoral, a rebranding process has been underway with a new name, MedCORE, chosen to represent the new and improved database!

If you are interested in learning more about the development process for MedCORE, check out our Information Session and Working Group recordings for MedCORE

For any questions on MedCORE, please contact the PMO team at [email protected]