The Community Residency Program at the Department of Family Medicine offers selected residents the opportunity to spend their two years of family medicine training in a community medical practice. The practice sites range from the core of downtown Ottawa to rural settings about forty five minutes outside of the city.

About Us

If you choose the community practice stream, you will work at a designated community practice alongside our experienced preceptors for your core rotations (or block time). You will also be affiliated with one of our academic teaching units (Bruyère Family Medicine Centre, Primrose Family Medicine Centre, Civic Family Health Team or Riverside Family Health Team) for your formal teaching, where you will do the same rotations as your in-unit counterparts. For instance, those residents in a community practice associated with the Ottawa Hospital Civic site would rotate through the same services as the in-unit family medicine residents.

We pride ourselves on providing a training program in a community setting that graduates residents who are ready to “hit the ground running” and begin full time practice on their own.

A Family Medicine resident in a Community Teaching Unit

Teaching & Learning Opportunities

In the community setting, there are a variety of practice types and styles, including: solo practices, group practices and Community Health Centres. In settings where there are multiple physicians, one physician will be paired with you as the primary preceptor at the site yet you may have the opportunity to work with other physicians. All of our primary preceptors in the community hold a faculty appointment with the Department of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa.

Some primary preceptors have one resident in their practice, others two. In practices where there are two residents, it’s a combination of first and second year residents. Each resident we assign to a community practice will stay at the practice throughout their two years of residency.

In a community practice, you have a one-on-one relationship with your preceptor and are able to observe a role model whose practice setting and responsibilities can be quite different from an academic unit-based practice. In addition, you learn the business side of running a community-based practice.

Accepting residents in 2022 are marked bold with an "x". | Explore our map of Community Teaching Sites for locations and descriptions

1580 Merivale Road (Ottawa)

Dr. Erika Tanner

Greenbelt Family Health Team (Barrhaven)

Dr. Roozbeh Matin and Dr. Caitlin Schwartz

Rosemount Clinic (Ottawa)

Dr. Claudia Hubbes

x Active Care Medical Clinic (Ottawa)

Dr. Carl Bertrand and Dr. Heather Daverne

x Greenboro Family Medicine Centre (Ottawa)

Dr. David Tobin

Sandy Hill Community Health Centre (Ottawa)

Dr. Susanne McKim

x Albion Road (Ottawa)

Dr. Christiane Kuntz

x Manotick Medical Centre (Manotick)

Dr. Jeff Hovey and Dr. Shirin Lal

St Joseph Family Medicine Clinic (Orléans)

Dr. Ed Seale

Carling Broadview Medical
Building (Ottawa)

Dr. Gabriela Lewin

x Perth Family Medicine

RURAL Dr. Robin Kennie

The Nation River Health Clinic (Winchester)

RURAL Dr. Bart Steele and Dr. Teisha Legault

x Central Ottawa Family Health Organization (Ottawa)

Dr. Jason Leclair

x Renfrew Medical Group (Renfrew)

RURAL Dr. Steve Radke

West Carleton Medical
Centre (Carp)

Dr. Michelle Lawler and Dr. Ramsey Hijazi

Centretown Community Health Centre

Dr. Carol Geller and Dr. Alison Eyre

x Riverside Court Medical

Dr. Lisa Moore and Dr. Annelise Miller

West End Family Care (Kanata)

Dr. Andrew Kujavsky

x Nepean Family Medicine Associates
(Greenbank Road) 

Dr. Hanif Charania

x Riverside South Medical Centre (Ottawa)

Dr. Haig Ashikian

x Elliot Street Medical Clinic (Perth)

Rural: Dr. James Simpson and Dr. Shawn Liu

x Zoemed Clinic (Ottawa)

Dr. Jak Nehme


Patient Population

In the community, the patient mix is unique to the practice location. Because you may be the only learner in the practice, you are often exposed to the greatest variety of patients and conditions that the practice encounters.

Rotation Outline

Note: 1 block = 4 weeks, 13 blocks per year



Family Medicine/Obstetrics (5 blocks)

Family Medicine + Obstetrics (4 blocks)





Pediatric Emergency

Internal Medicine CTU

Pediatric Wards

Family Medicine Rural

Family Medicine Hospital Service

Family Medicine Hospital Service

Internal Medicine CTU

Community Pediatrics

Family Medicine Rural

Family Medicine/Palliative


Elective (2 blocks)

* Community residents are affiliated with one of the following anglophone urban stream Academic Teaching Sites: Civic/Riverside or Bruyère/Primrose

Sample Family Medicine Monthly Rotation

Week 1 AM OFF FM Clinic OB Call Post OB Teaching Teaching OFF
  PM OFF FM Clinic OB Call Post OB FM Clinic FM Clinic OFF
Week 2 AM OFF FM Clinic FM Clinic FM Clinic Teaching Teaching After hours clinic
  PM OFF FM Clinic FM Clinic FM Clinic FM Clinic FM Clinic OFF
Week 3 AM OB Call Post Call FM Clinic FM Clinic Teaching Academic Day OFF
  PM OB Call Post Call FM Clinic FM Clinic FM Clinic Academic Day OFF
Week 4 AM OFF FM Clinic FM Clinic FM Clinic Teaching Teaching OFF
  PM OFF FM Clinic FM Clinic FM Clinic FM Clinic FM Clinic OFF


Unit Program Director

Unit Coordinator

Dr. Robin Kennie
[email protected]

Stefan Maksimovic
[email protected]