The Ottawa Practice Enhancement Network (OPEN) is the University of Ottawa Department of Family Medicine’s learning network consisting of like-minded family practitioners in the region who have come together to expand their knowledge on strategies to advance primary care.

OPEN is one of seven learning networks across Ontario who have joined forces to form POPLAR (the Primary Care Ontario Practice Based Learning And Research Network). POPLAR has received the OCFP and OMA endorsement, and is working with the CPSO to ensure our practices have the support they need to succeed.

2,000 family physicians across Canada (and counting!) have joined their regional primary care based learning and research network, and profit from customized support and expertise to achieve their practice goals. Joining is easy and the benefits for members continue to expand.


  • Access coaching and tools to achieve practice goals

  • Collaborate with like-minded colleagues to advance primary care

Create an account on the OPEN website to access a variety of QI tools, details on upcoming workshops/webinars, and recordings of previous training events!


  • Receiving residents QI and FMRSP support

  • Easily meeting MOH and CPSO QI benchmarks

  • Improving patient care

  • Understand their patient profile

  • Track selected indicators over time

  • Create disease registries

  • Identify patients requiring action for their priority initiatives

  • Evaluate impact of practice changes

  • Prepare a Quality Improvement Plan


OPEN offers access to innovative approaches being studied across Canada, such as strategies to reduce polypharmacy. View the Innovations page on OPEN's website to learn more!


For more information, make sure to visit the OPEN website or email [email protected].

Simone Dahrouge, PhD


Director - OPEN


[email protected]