The goal of the Quality improvement resident project is to build skills in reflecting on the quality of care provided, identification of “gaps in care” and testing improvements - all in the resident’s home clinical setting. The Quality Improvement project is part of the Family Medicine Residency Program and is a requirement for graduation from uOttawa.

Resident QI Project Description

Supporting your resident with their QI project

  • Reflect with your resident on “gaps” in patient care you have identified (ie: where are you trying to improve what you do?)

  • Get your resident to do their QI project on an area where you need help!

  • A near miss/medical error is a great opportunity for resident learning about how the “system” in your practice works and how errors happen and role model a “no blame” culture 

  • Discuss and share data you have on quality of care for your practice (ie: pap rates, Ministry reports, billing data, patient surveys)

All documents related to the QI project including: instructions, PowerPoint presentations, report templates and evaluation forms are available online on Brightspace.

Need guidance or have questions? Ask our QI leads.

Director of Quality Improvement: Dr. Kheïra Jolin-Dahel: [email protected]

Unit QI Leads

Bruyère: Dr. William Caron
[email protected]

Primrose: Dr. Jolanda Turley
[email protected]

Civic: Dr. Laura Cummings
[email protected]

Riverside: Dr. Shauna Bassel
[email protected]

Community teaching: Dr. Hanif Charania
[email protected]

Montfort: Dr. Daniel Vincent
[email protected]

Pembroke: Dr. Todd Gauthier
[email protected]

Winchester: Dr. Mohamed Gazarin
[email protected]