WDMH offers a two year horizontally integrated rural family medicine curriculum. We focus on developing the skills and competencies you will need to meet the full scope of practice that family physicians deliver in rural and remote communities.

The Winchester Residency Program is offered in conjunction with the Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH). Our team of physicians and staff work with residents to support your learning needs. We offer:

  • Updated 24/7 emergency services, acute care, obstetrical in-patient services, urology, newborn care, cardiology and day surgery;

  • A state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging unit, which includes a CT scanner, ultrasound and digital mammography;

  • A laboratory, diagnostic imaging and pharmacy services support our clinical programs; and,

  • We are a partner in several regional programs, including operating as a key site for cancer care (breast cancer screening, surgery and chemotherapy); chronic kidney disease (dialysis); and other specialty clinics.

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Teaching & Learning Opportunities

Your family medicine experience will include both hospital in-patient care and family medicine clinics. You will have exposure to emergency medicine, geriatrics (home visits and nursing home visits), psychiatry, internal medicine, cardiology, ophthalmology, diagnostic imaging, out-patient clinics, ambulatory pediatrics and obstetrics. The maternity/child team includes obstetricians, GP-OBS, midwives and OBS nurses. You may also spend one or two days at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) in Ottawa for you and our pediatrician to visit in-patients from the Winchester area. You will be first surgical assist and do lumps and bumps clinics while in general surgery.

Patient Population

Our patient population includes residents from local communities within the broader areas of Dundas, Stormont, Glengarry and Russell Townships. We also draw on Ottawa South’s growing population.  Servicing 3300 square kilometres, we have a patient volume of approximately 96,000 people per year.

The Region

Located in the Township of North Dundas, less than 30 km south of Ottawa, Winchester has strong agricultural and historical roots and offers a combination of urban and rural amenities that appeal to a wide variety of lifestyles.

Countless outdoor activities in summer and winter, including golf, hiking, boating, cross-country skiing, shopping and sightseeing can be enjoyed.

The community boasts affordable housing, recreational facilities, libraries, a historical society, amateur theatre and volunteer service groups.

Rotation Outline

Winchester rotation outline. We acknowledge that this image is not accessible. Please download the PDF linked below for an accessible version.


Chief Resident

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Unit Coordinator

Dr. Zachary Graves
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Dr. Adam Jones-Delcorde
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Dr. Nathan Chiarlitti
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