Learn about the application process and requirements.

Your application package

When applying to any law school in Ontario, you are required to use the Ontario Law School Application Service ("OLSAS"), which is a division of the Ontario University Application Centre ("OUAC").  

With the OLSAS Portal, you will be prompted to create an account to submit your basic personal information, and you will have the opportunity to review instructions for compiling and submitting your application components. OLSAS provides a very helpful Application Guide.

Please don't send any of your application documents directly to the University of Ottawa.  

(For current law students who wish to transfer to the University of Ottawa from another Canadian institution, please review the section for upper year applicants.)

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Important dates

The deadline to apply for the English JD programs commencing in September 2023 is November 1st, 2022 (11:59 pm ET). Late applications will not be accepted. 
The deadline to apply to French JD programs commencing in September 2023 is March 1st, 2023 (11:59 pm ET). Late applications will not be accepted. 

Application components

Your application must contain all of the following: 

  1. Official Transcripts for all post-secondary studies

  2. LSAT Reports and LSAT Writing Sample (LSAT is not required for French-language programs)

  3. Letters of Reference 

  4. Personal Statement 

  5. Autobiographical Sketch with verifiers 

  6. Basic personal information and an Applicant Category.

You will also be required to choose an Applicant Category which best fits your individual circumstances. Some of our Applicant Categories have additional requirements. Please review the Applicant Categories to determine what is required.  

Applicant Category

There are five applicant categories.
(Applicants are welcome to select multiple applicant categories and are not required to choose between them. If you select multiple categories, be sure to include whichever additional components are required for each. Even if you apply under multiple categories, your file will be assessed only once.) 

Upper-Year Applicants

If you are currently studying common law in Canada and wish to attend the University of Ottawa as a Transfer Student, a Letter of Permission student, a Special Student, or to meet requirements set out by the National Committee on Accreditation, you must apply as an Upper-Year Applicant.