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Equity and academic success

The goals and objectives of the Education Equity Program are set out below.

About the program

The Education Equity Program works to enhance the well-being of students from equity-seeking communities protected under the provincial human rights legislation including Indigenous peoples, women and others who may be vulnerable to discrimination because of their gender identity/expression, persons with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ2S+ communities, racialized communities, recent immigrants and refugees and persons who are socio-economically vulnerable.

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Goal 1:

To create the most diverse law school community possible


  • promote the unique characteristics and well-being of diverse communities within the law school
  • actively recruit, admit and hire future law students and faculty through innovative outreach strategies
  • ensure respect for the diverse experiential expertise and contributions of all faculty, students and staff

Goal 2:

To remove all systemic barriers and support the academic success of all law students from historically disadvantaged and under-represented communities in the legal profession


  • develop policies that ensure a discrimination-free environment for students, faculty and staff from equality-seeking communities
  • continually evaluate and renew the law school curriculum and pedagogy to ensure a supportive and fulfilling educational experience for all students
  • implement effective mechanisms to monitor and eliminate any adverse impact of law school policies and practices that limit the full participation of equality-seeking communities in the classroom and broader law school student organization, faculty administration or staff initiatives
  • develop diversity-positive mechanisms such as peer support, mentorship and career development programs that enhance student experience and support successful transition into their legal careers

Goal 3:

To promote high levels of professionalism respectful of social justice principles amongst all professors, students and staff of the law school


  • foster respectful communications and treatment between all students, faculty and staff consistent with the spirit of the Rules of Professional Conduct of the Law Society of Upper Canada
  • maintain a discrimination and harassment-free environment for all students, faculty and staff
  • draw upon the expertise of our alumni and local legal community to sustain our commitment to educating professionals to serve the public interest in all of its diversity