Requesting academic accommodation

Accommodations requests

Academic accommodation is a collaborative process that requires the participation of both the student and the Common Law Section. If a student fails to communicate their accommodation requests in a timely manner, the Common Law Section may not be able to provide reasonable accommodation. Accommodation requests should be made at the earliest available opportunity, normally in advance of a deadline/scheduled academic evaluation. Please note that retroactive requests may be refused.

If you require an excused absence from class, your request must be directed to the Senior Specialist, Student Success and Wellness Programs at [email protected]

If you are requesting an assignment extension or exam deferral, you must complete the Declaration Form. You do not need supporting documentation for the first accommodation request in a given course, whether for medical or exceptional circumstances. After you fill out the Declaration Form, you will receive a follow-up email from the Senior Specialist, Student Success and Wellness Program regarding the outcome of your request. Please contact  [email protected] if you have any questions.

Circumstances that may warrant accommodation include but are not restricted to:

  • a permanent state of affairs (e.g., a disability, a permanent medical condition),
  • an ongoing situation (e.g., a personal crisis, pregnancy),
  • reasons related to equity concerns (e.g., religious belief, sole parenthood),
  • a one-time event or circumstance (e.g., a short-term illness, a medical emergency, a temporary injury, a day surgery), or
  • compassionate grounds (e.g., a death in the immediate family, a sick child or dependent).

Travel, employment, misreading the examination schedule, or failure to appropriately manage one’s time are NOT acceptable reasons for requesting accommodation.

Students have the onus to support the request with any necessary documents.

Students who intend to request an exam deferral or assignment extension because of illness or other medical condition must consult a physician and obtain a medical certificate, and where possible, do so within twenty-four hours of the examination to be deferred or assignment deadline in question. Documentation may be submitted by e-mail or in person at the Common Law Student Centre, FTX 237.

Students may find it convenient to consult one of the physicians at the Student Health and Wellness Centre, currently located at 801 King Edward, Room N203 (2nd floor) (613-562-5498).

IMPORTANT: We recommend that all students familiarize themselves with the Academic Regulations around Deferral of Examination (Academic Regulation 7) and Extension of Deadline for Submitting a Written Assignment (Academic Regulation 13).

If circumstances are foreseen, every effort should be made to submit your request for an assignment extension or examination deferral by the 5th working day after the end of the add/drop period or the earliest opportunity thereafter.

Registering with the Academic Accommodations Service

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The Academic Accommodations Service

The Academic Accommodations Service works with the University of Ottawa community to support students with temporary or permanent disability.
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