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The Research Office

Goals of the research office

One of the core duties of a university professor is to carry out research. Research is crucial to the development and testing of knowledge, and the kind of independent and objective research that can be carried out in a university environment plays an important role within our society. Moreover, much of the grant funding obtained by faculty researchers translates directly into employment for students. In turn, this enhances the students’ law school experience by giving them hands-on training with research sources and methodologies. Research funding is crucial as well to supporting students in a time of rising tuition and mounting student debt.

The role of the Research Office is to work closely with researchers, administrators, institutional partners, and funding organizations within Canada and abroad to encourage and support the successful engagement of its bilingual faculty in research. Its specific responsibilities include the provision of support and strategic direction for faculty members applying for research-related funding, research award and prize submissions, and Canada Research Chair (CRC) nominations and renewals. It also supports the distribution and management of faculty research funds, offers support for the diversification and funding of international research initiatives, and manages the selection process for faculty research awards. The Research Office also helps to profile the impressive research output of faculty members.

The Research Office has set the following priorities:

  1. To encourage and support Faculty applications for research funding, especially federal government Tri-Council funding, but also other sources of funding including the Law Foundation of Ontario, private foundations, government and international organizations.
  2. To promote the dissemination of Faculty research, both internally within the Faculty and externally to the academic community, to government, the public policy community, the media, the broader public, alumni and prospective students, both graduate and undergraduate.
  3. To assist new and junior Faculty members to develop their own research strategy, including support for their research through applicable grants and dissemination of their research.
  4. To search out new avenues of research funding to support the work of Faculty members.
  5. To promote and support the applications of Faculty members for various awards and prizes.

Research Office Staff

Jennifer Chandler

Jennifer Chandler

Vice-Dean, Research

Jennifer A. Chandler studies the legal and ethical aspects of biomedical science and technology, with a focus on the intersection of the brain sciences, law and ethics.  She also works on legal policy related to organ donation and transplantation, and mental health law and policy. She is the holder of the Bertram Loeb Research Chair, and she leads the “Neuroethics Law and Society” Research Pillar for the Brain and Mind Research Institute, and sits on its Scientific Advisory Council. She also co-leads the “Mental Health and Brain” Research Theme for the Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics. In her research, she collaborates with a diverse international group of academics and clinicians, and her ethico-legal and qualitative empirical research at the cutting edge of advances in biomedical science and technology has been funded by CIHR, SSHRC, Canadian Blood Services, the Stem Cell Network, Genome Canada, Law Foundation of Ontario and the Canadian National Transplant Research Program.

For further information on her research activities, please visit

[email protected]
613-562-5800 ext. 3217

Maxime Raymond-Dufour

Maxime Raymond-Dufour

Assistant Dean, Research

Maxime Raymond-Dufour holds a doctorate in history from Université de Montréal (Ph.D.) and from Paris-Sorbonne (Doctorate), in addition to completing a postdoctoral fellowship in history at McGill University. His specialty is nineteenth-century Canadian history. Before joining the Faculty of Law, Maxime worked at SSHRC as a program officer in the Research Partnerships portfolio. He has also worked as supervisor for the Parliamentary Tours Program of the Library of Parliament.

[email protected]
613-562-5800 ext. 8872

Andrew Kuntze

Andrew Kuntze

Research Communications Strategist

Andrew Kuntze has worked at the faculty of Law since 2008, occupying a variety of communications-related roles, and working on diverse projects ranging from alumni relations to web content strategy. He joined the Research Office in June 2015, and currently oversees the Faculty’s award nomination files, as well as all research-related communications within the Common Law Section. As of 2016, he serves as the editor of Common Law’s SSRN Working Paper Series.  Andrew holds a Master’s degree in English Language and Literature.

[email protected]
613-562-5800 ext. 3444

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Natalie Carter

Administrative Assistant, Research

Natalie Carter joined the Research Office in 2014, providing much needed support on the Faculty’s myriad grant applications and award nomination files. Before joining the Faculty of Law, Natalie previously worked in the Research Office at the Faculty of Health Sciences for four years.

[email protected]
613-562-5800 ext. 3249