Common Law Honour Society

Established in 2003, the Common Law Honour Society is the most prestigious alumni distinction presented by the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section. The men and women selected by their peers for induction into the Common Law Honour Society have used their legal education as a foundation for the achievement of great success.

Common Law Honour Society: 2023 Call for Nominations

Do you know a fellow uOttawa Common Law graduate who displays excellence in their field, a commitment to their community, and reflects the excellence and diversity of the uOttawa Common Law Section’s alumni?

The call for nominations for the 2023 Common Law Honour Society is now open until March 31, 2023! Click below to learn more about the nomination process and to submit yours today.

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plaque of names of founding committee
We acknowledge the work of the members of the Founders Committee in 2003 in creating the Common Law Honour Society

Terence P. Badour (2010)
Hon. Michel Bastarache, C.C. (2003)
Katie Black (2017)
Sheila R. Block, L.S.M. (2003)
Margaret Bloodworth, C.M., L.S.M. (2003)
Jean-Paul (J-P.) Bisnaire (2011)
Bruce Carr-Harris, L.S.M. (2007)
Ronald Caza, O. Ont., L.S.M. (2007)
Hon. James B. Chadwick (2003)
Michael Chambers (2008)
Hon. Louise V. Charron, C.C. (2003)
May Cheng (2014)
Peter Chiarelli (2017)
Claudette Commanda (2009)
Katherine Cooligan,LL.B. (2019)
Murray Costello, C.M. (2006)
Hon. Paul Crampton (2018)
Pierre de Neuville Richard (2017)
Perry Dellelce(2015)
Alan D'Silva (2015)
Michael Edelson (2011)
Maxine Ethier (2016)
Hon. Lee K. Ferrier (2012)
Michelle Flaherty (2008)
Craig Forcese (2016)
Hon. Josée Forest-Niesing (2013) Karin Galldin (2013)
Hon. Alban Garon (2003)
Shirley Greenberg, C.M., O. Ont. (2003)
Lawrence Greenspon (2009)
Mary Gusella (2006)
Hon. Charles T. Hackland (2013)
Howard Hampton (2007)
Susan Haslip (2007)
Shirley Heafey (2008)
Jay S. Hennick, C.M. (2003)
Penny Hossack Collenette, O. Ont. (2010)
Marc Jolicoeur, LL.B. (2019)
T. Gregory Kane, Q.C. (2009)
Kathleen Keller-Hobson (2017)
Myles Kirvan (2014)
Vahan Kololian (2015)
Hon. Jean-Marc Labrosse (2004)
Jean Lash (2016)
Nicole LaViolette (2006)
Anne Levesque (2015)
Hon. Lise Maisonneuve (2015)
Hon. John Manley, P.C., O.C. (2003)
André Marin (2012)
Peggy Mason (2003)
Hon. Dalton J.P. McGuinty (2004) Maureen McTeer (2008)
Hon. Monique Métivier (2009)
David Nahwegahbow, I.P.C., L.S.M. (2010)
Aissa Nauthoo (2010)
Camille Nelson (2003)
Hon. Michelle O'Bonsawin (2018)
Allan R. O’Brien (2005)
Hon. Paul Okalik (2003)
Annamie Paul (2005)
Janice Payne (2012)
Rose-Marie Perry (2008)
Robert Pitfield (2006)
Audrey P. Ramsay (2018)
Karen Restoule (2014)
Hon. Allan Rock, P.C., O. Ont. (2003)
Margaret A. Ross, L.S.M. (2004)
Hon. Paul S. Rouleau (2005)
Dr. John R. Rudolph (2005)
David W. Scott, O.C., Q.C. (2003)
Godyne Sibay, LL.B. (2019)
M. Bernard Syron (2007)
Gabriel Tsampalieros (2003)
Hugh Verrier (2014)
Karin Wells (2011)

pen on paper

Terms of reference and selection committee

Consult the document (PDF , 0.62 MB)

Common Law Honour Society Inductees