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Certification in Common Law in French (CCLF)

With the contribution of the Department of Justice, the French Common Law Program ("FCLP") at the University of Ottawa, in collaboration with various stakeholders, including several English-language law schools and associations of French-speaking jurists, launched the CCLF in the fall of 2016.

French Common Law Certification Program ("CCLF")

The CCLF offers students with French language skills the unique opportunity to obtain a University of Ottawa Common Law Certification in French upon completion of their three years of study in the J.D. Program at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Calgary. 

The CCLF provides students with the opportunity to develop French writing and advocacy skills, as well as an in-depth understanding of important language rights issues in Canada.  

CCLF students go on exchange to Ottawa and participate in the Michel-Bastarache Moot Court Competition, which brings together teams from across Canada. They are also paired with experienced francophone or francophile mentors from the legal profession and complete a credited internship with law firms, organizations and government lawyers who work in French.  

These unique experiences give students the tools to provide quality legal services in French upon graduation. The CCLF is a first step towards a varied and rewarding career with many assets, including :

  • the opportunity to work as a law clerk in the Supreme Court of Canada, the federal courts and the federal public service 
  • access to legal positions in all areas of society where legal training and proficiency in both official languages are an asset 
  • a contribution to the francophone community in the form of legal services in French to which it is entitled 
  • a contribution to the administration of justice in both official languages; and 
  • being part of a network of already one thousand lawyers who have graduated from the CFLP and share a unique training that is recognized for its excellence in Canada and around the world. 

For more information about the CCLF and future partnerships, please contact Caroline Magnan, CCLF Program Director, at [email protected].

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