The Legal Writing Academy courses and programs ensure students get the practical experience they need to become the professional writers their careers require.

About the Legal Writing Academy

Practical Experiential Writing Instruction in All Three Years 

Our students live the practical experience of thinking like a lawyer while making writing choices based on the context, audience, and purpose, of the document. We integrate practical writing instruction throughout all three years of legal study. Students gain experience with real-life writing demands through credited writing courses, workshops and modules integrated into first-year and upper-year substantive courses, free-standing workshops, and peer-mentoring conferences.

Experiential and active learning drives the Academy’s approach. We use real life writing tasks, combined with personalized and frequent feedback and mentoring. Students learn to self- and peer-edit and discover that becoming an expert legal writer is an enjoyable, life-long endeavor.

Point First Writing & Online Resources

A unique, interactive website supporting face-to-race classroom work and as a stand-alone, self-study resource that law students and graduates use during internships, pro bono activities, summer jobs, and as articling students and new associates in law firms. You can access the module components anytime you need to write an assignment for school or work.