Wellness and resiliency are key to success and well-being in law school and the legal profession.

It is increasingly recognized that it is possible to develop skills in this area. We hope to encourage the development of these skills along with offering mental health and wellness services, both formal and informal, during your time with us here at law school.

There are a variety of mental health and wellness services available in the event you encounter personal challenges, mental health issues or a crisis. We recognize that it is possible that you may face any range of issues during your legal studies, including housing and financial challenges, the onset or recurrence of a mental health issue, or a crisis situation.

We are keenly aware that personal factors can impact the ability to focus on your legal studies. We are committed to offering services such as counselling, referrals and academic accommodation. Other services include connecting you with suitable services and resources to address your specific concern(s). This webpage is a guide to introduce some of the available mental health and wellness services and resources.

There are two counsellors at the law school who are here to support you: the Senior Specialist, Student Success and Wellness Programs and the Mental Health & Wellness Counsellor. These counsellors each have distinct roles and offer distinct services described below.

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Mental Health and Wellness in the Legal Profession

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Member assistance program

Member Assistance Program