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Non-Degree Students and Auditors

Continue your education after leaving school

The Faculty of Common Law will allow lawyers who are members of a provincial or territorial bar to apply to enrol in upper-year courses to expand their knowledge in specific areas of law. In order to receive more information on our course offerings, please view the Course Search Engine

If you are a lawyer and are interested in taking a course as a Non-Degree Student or Auditor, please fill out the Non-Degree Students and Auditors form.  

Applications must be submitted no later than the first day of classes of any academic term. Candidates are assessed on their experience. Admission is also depending on the number of spaces available on the course or courses selected. Registration must be completed via email at [email protected] before the end of the Course Change Period for the relevant academic term (please consult Important dates and deadlines). Please note that your requests will only be evaluated at the beginning of the term. 

Lawyers seeking Continuing Education can choose to take a course as an Auditor or as a Non-Degree Student (for credit). Please note that Tuition Fees are higher if you wish to obtain academic units for the course. An Auditor can attend lectures, but can't submit assignments or write examinations. Academic units obtained as a Non-Degree Student cannot be transferred towards a Common Law Program.

The courses offered at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Common Law are reserved for students registered in one of our Common Law Programs. Additional participants will be admitted as space allows. 

Persons wishing to complete their NCA requirements cannot take courses as Non-Degree Students.