Visualize your goals. Find the best ways to achieve them. Learn about yourself.

It can be really frustrating to know that you’re not reaching your fullest potential but not to know how or why. Other people seem to be doing so much better, whether in class, in a sport, in an activity, or in managing it all at once. Remember that this impression is like looking at a duck in a pond: the duck appears to serenely glide across the water, but below water their legs are kicking hard to keep going.

This workshop will help you identify what you want to achieve and what you can do to get there.



Workshops dates are coming soon !

What is the ACT Matrix?

ACT stands for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

We will be using an adapted version of the original model.

During this practical workshop, you will be asked to visualize your goals and write them on a piece of paper. We will draw two intersecting lines, one vertical, one horizontal. The horizontal line represents the direction you want to move in.

In each quadrant, you will write different factors that influence your goal-setting. By the end of the exercise, you should be able to clearly see what changes you need to make to move in the direction you want.

Watch the video below to get a better idea of the exercise.