Do you feel like you spend too much time looking at a screen? Participating in this mindful movement activity will allow you to spend time outside to connect with Nature and with yourself.

Every week, a Mental Health and Wellness counsellor will take you on a guided outdoor mindfulness experience around Ottawa. This mindful stroll will be set at a pace that is easy to follow, accessible and inclusive for all bodies and abilities. This experience will focus on awareness, namely on awareness of yourself, of the life around you, and of the present moment. This activity will help you to set aside distractions, like your phone, and redirect your focus on what truly matters to you.

A mindfulness practice like this one can help you in your studies and throughout your life.

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors can reduce anxiety and give people a chance to think quietly and ground themselves. This can heighten individual resiliency and lessen eco-anxiety.

An outdoor group activity offers an opportunity to belong to a community that values personal wellbeing and social interaction. This can improve your mood and mental health.

Finally, this type of activity allows you to move your body and can also improve your physical health.



Every Thursday from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Meeting Point: In front of the Faculty of Social Sciences building.
Winter 2023 Update: The sessions are on pause until further notice.

What to bring

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Wear weather-appropriate clothing
  • Bring accessories to protect against the elements (sunblock, umbrella, etc.).
  • Wear a mask
  • You may want to bring a water bottle, or other beverage, but this is optional

Optional: Setting intentions

While you do not need a specific reason to join a mindfulness walk, you may want to set personal intentions or goals for this activity. Here are some ideas to draw upon:

  • What would you like to get out of this mindfulness activity? (e.g., I want to improve my self-care routine)
  • What mindset do you want to foster during this activity? (e.g., I want to foster positivity, self compassion, empathy, calm, etc.)
  • By participating in this activity, what do you want to make space for? (e.g., I want to make space to reflect on a challenging interaction I had the other day)

Take a deep breath and ask yourself if you need anything today.

Join our Microsoft Teams community

Tap into the power of community by joining our Microsoft Teams group. In addition to our weekly activity, it’s a great way to connect with students and the Mental Health and Wellness counsellors who host the walks.

This community aims to support you and to keep you accountable in your desire to step away from your screen and find time during the week to move your body outdoors.

Our group is open to any appreciation of the outdoors or any movement you are doing to practice mindfulness. You do not need to take part to our weekly activity to join. Information on how to incorporate mindfulness with movement will be given to you in the group.