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uOttawa Together

A mental health podcast providing you with knowledge, tools and resources to increase connection and belonging.

This mental health podcast provides students with knowledge, tools and resources to increase connection and belonging. Every episode, a mental health and wellness counsellor meets with a guest to talk about different topics related to mental health, such as technology, identity, and belonging.

The podcast is currently on hiatus. You can still access our past episodes.

With: Counselling Services (Mark Patton and Isabelle Hodak)

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Episode 1: Social media – are they always helpful?

In this first episode of uOttawa Together, Isabelle and Mark discuss social media and mental health and how technology can both be helpful and a barrier to our mental wellbeing. Isabelle and Mark guide you through self-assessment exercises.

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Episode 2: Solitude and isolation: their impact on mental health

Mark hosts Jennifer Kingsley to this week’s episode. Jennifer Kingsley is a writer and a National Geographic Explorer. Mark and Jennifer discuss the feelings of solitude and isolation which are shared by many people during this pandemic but experienced differently by all of us. In their conversation, they also share advice on how to welcome this solitude in your life and explore various ways to cope.

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Episode 3: Can spirituality help with loneliness?

For many students, spirituality and faith can be sources of strength during challenging times. In his conversation with Mark, University of Ottawa chaplain Sid Ypma discusses the role of spirituality in coping with feelings of isolation and loneliness.

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Episode 4: Love and Loneliness in the time of COVID

The pandemic has raised new challenges for relationships and people seeking relationships. Mark chats with Theresa Willoughby, a Mental Health and Wellness Counsellor, who has specialized training in relationship counselling. Theresa works with many students who are looking to build greater social connection. Mark and Theresa discuss common themes that they are hearing from students and propose a few practical tips you can apply in your everyday life.

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