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The Candidate Center is an application for graduate students in a thesis-based graduate program. Use your Candidate Centre to find information about your research projects and to create and submit thesis-related and administrative service requests to your primary supervisor or faculty support staff.

You can access your Candidate Center and PDF tutorials under the uoZone Applications tab.


Time management

Here are some time management suggestions to help optimize your time during graduate studies.


This checklist will help you to revise many of the procedures related to the obtainment of your graduate degree.

Success guide

Research has shown a positive correlation between certain factors and successful, timely completion of a thesis.


Hints on note-taking

One of the challenges is keeping track of the number of sources consulted over a long period of time. 


A cover page template is available below. Make sure your document meets presentation as well as the accessibility standards. 

Submitting drafts

Some supervisors want to see a completed first draft. Others want to read and comment on each chapter as it is drafted.


Make sure writing your thesis is compliant with accessibility standards.

Data storage

At the end of writing your thesis, you may be required to give a copy of all your data to your supervisor.

Help center

The Academic Writing Help Centre goal is to help students develop strategies and skills that will enable them to identify and correct their mistakes.

Other useful resources


Make sure your thesis meets all applicable guidelines.

Library services

BiblioGrad is a series of hands-on workshops specifically designed for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. 

uO Research

Discover University of Ottawa's digital repository for research and teaching materials created by the university community and its affiliated partners.


Information and a copy of guidelines on disclosing students’ personal information are at your disposal.


The Student Academic Success Service is a free network of services designed to give you the tools you need to succeed.

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