TOH Surgery Elective Information for First and Second Year University of Ottawa Medical Students.

Available TOH Surgeons List

List of Surgeons and their clinical interests: 

  1. Student is to email the surgeon's office directly to arrange the elective. Please refer to the list of faculty above for preceptors, inclusive of clinical interests.
  2. Student should have their list of available dates and times ready before emailing the surgeon's office to arrange this elective.
  3. Once an elective is approved with the surgeon's office, the student is to send a confirmation email (see below) at least 10 calendar days prior to the start date of the elective.
  • Student is to send a confirmation email about the 10-20 hour elective to:
    Elizabeth Donohue at [email protected], Undergraduate Surgical Education Assistant and cc the surgeon's office (office emails and telephone numbers are available on the surgery website).

  • The email subject line should contain the following information: surgical specialty, student name, 1st or 2nd year status, first and last day of the elective, name of the surgeon).

    Sample subject line of confirmation email:

    Neuro elective Mary Smith MS1 May 5-16, 2011 Dr. Agbi

For the General Campus

  • Walk down long corridor from service 1st floor elevators towards Critical Care Wing. Turn right, take 10 steps and turn left through double doors into the Critical Care Atrium. Walk past the staircase and turn left to Room W1414-W1447 OPERATING ROOM SUPPORT. 

For other campuses

  • See The Ottawa Hospital website for parking, directions, street maps and hospital floor plans to the general, civic and riverside campuses.

Watch the video of Mandatory Scrub/Grown/Sterility. You are required to watch this video before starting your elective. The OR Nurse Educator will answer any questions you may have.

Guidelines for appearance and dress during your elective (PDF)

TOH does not have locker for 1st or 2nd year students in the OR Change Room or in other areas of TOH. Please bring limited items. You can hang your clothing on pegs in the change room or return them to your University Locker.