Loi sur l'administration locale de 2011


This 2011 law, adopted for the first time in 2003 in English under the title of the Local Government Act, allowed for the creation of local authorities in Mauritius. It defines the functions, powers and obligations of these authorities, as well as other issues such as the electoral system, elected dignitaries, the name of public places (Art. 156), the foundation of the land registry, the granting of permits, etc. Art. 12 is the only article to concern language, regarding the obligation to speak and read English and French with a degree of proficiency sufficient to allow the candidate to take an active part in council business.


Local Government Act 2011

(Original version)

Act No. 36 of 2011

Section 12.

Qualifications for councillors

Subject to section 13, no person shall be qualified to be elected as a councillor of a local authority unless -

(a) he is qualified to be registered as an elector for the election of councillors for any ward of the relevant local authority; and

(b) he is able to speak and, unless incapacitated by blindness or other physical cause, to read English and French languages with a degree of proficiency sufficient to enable him to take an active part in the proceedings of the Council.

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