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uOttawa offers a variety of Wellness Workshops to support and engage students in their wellness journeys. Our workshops are interactive and designed for students. Check out our workshops and find the ones that interest you the most.
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Game-based learning

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Virtual reality

Virtual reality

Video games are a great way to take a break from your day and unwind. Drop in to try out various wellness games on our consoles and Virtual Reality games headsets and other gaming consoles. That’s right, Virtual Reality!

Benefits of VR

Whether you’re a novice or pro gamer, the novelty of Virtual Reality is no doubt exciting there are tons of fun Virtual Reality games to pique your interest. So why not try out the Oculus Quest 2 VR Headsets in the Wellness Lounge to get in some fun, heart-pumping activity by playing games like Beat Saber; or relax in a completely different way by engaging in unique mindfulness exercises and settings? Check out the schedule below for information on how to book your own VR or console gaming sessions.

RelaxingVideo GamesGamingTechnologyWellness Lounge
Wellness lounge gaming

Video games

Looking for a fun way to take a study break and get into some friendly competition? Use our gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Just Dance, and much, much more! We also offer a variety of board games to choose from for a nice screen break with friends.

That’s why, at the Health and Wellness Lounge, we offer a variety of VR games, and video games, and board games for however you are feeling.


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