Examinations and grading for graduate studies

5.1.1 Passing grade for courses

Graduate students must maintain a minimum passing grade of C+ in all courses (including undergraduate courses taken for credit in graduate studies, qualifying program courses and supplementary courses). Certain program regulations may require a higher grade.

5.1.2 Failure of a course, comprehensive examination, thesis proposal or major research paper

Supplemental examinations are not allowed in graduate studies courses (including in undergraduate courses taken for credit in graduate programs, qualifying program courses or supplementary courses). If a student fails a course, the student may repeat the course or retake the comprehensive examination, revise and resubmit the thesis proposal or major research paper, or take another course specified by the academic unit. The failing grade will remain on the transcript even if the student successfully repeats the course, retakes the comprehensive examination, or resubmits the thesis proposal or major research paper.

This regulation does not apply to a thesis, which is governed by the academic regulation applicable to the thesis.

5.2. Unsatisfactory progress and withdrawal

Students whose progress is unsatisfactory, or who do not meet the requirements of their program, will be withdrawn from the program. Reasons for withdrawal include: 

  • two failures in the program, whether of courses, the major research paper, the comprehensive examination or the thesis proposal (unless otherwise specified in regulations specific to the program);  
  • unsatisfactory performance of research or field work; 
  • two unsatisfactory progress reports.

The performance requirements for the thesis are specified in the academic regulation applicable to the thesis.

5.3. Deferred evaluation

Students are expected to complete course requirements within the deadlines specified in the course syllabus. The final grade must be submitted to the academic unit on the date set by the Registrar.

Students may request a deferral of course requirements if they are unable to meet the requirements before the deadlines set in the course syllabus, but only for reasons clearly beyond their control (such as illness confirmed by a medical certificate that has been certified by the University of Ottawa Health Services). In such cases, the submission of a final grade may be deferred, but only for one term. Until a final grade has been submitted, a mark of DFR will appear on the transcript. If the final grade is not submitted by the end of the extension period, the DFR notation will be changed to EIN, the equivalent of a failing grade.